The theme of this split release deals with a fateful encounter and subsequent blackmail.

Pride Of Nakskov delivers two crude noise ambient drones, in the bleak vein she is known for, tapping in to a dark past in the city of Nakskov as an overall theme for this project. In Denmark the city of Nakskov is known for it's all most wild west conditions, sporting a through-the-roof crime rate, and attracting all kinds of scum.

Bureaucratic Bondage cranks his trademark dynamic variety of harsh noise. Ripping full blast mayhem counter pointed by quiet more subtle parts, always in motion.

Pride Of Nakskov and Bureaucratic Bondage are both new names on the harsh noise scene of Aarhus, Denmark.
While Pride Of Nakskov is a complete newcomer to the scene, Bureaucratic Bondage has roamed the Danish scene under various other names since the late 90s.

Cassette tape with packaging following the theme of a fateful encounter and subsequent blackmail. The brown unmarked envelope contains:
The overview photo showing the ENTIRE roll of 26 incriminating pictures used for the other releases (developed on photo paper).
The actual ransom note used for the photo in the regular version.
An unmarked cassette tape.
Two bonus tracks found on this cassette exclusively (one each by Pride Of Nakskov and Bureaucratic Bondage).
Info sheet regarding the release printed on overhead transparent (differs slightly from the other releases).
Exclusive paper printed photo of Pride Of Nakskov and Bureaucratic Bondage.
Poster from the release show. A3 size printed on better quality paper than the actual show posters.

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Pride Of Nakskov/Bureaucratic Bondage "Checkmate"

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